Travel and Arrival Informaiton

Travel and Arrival Information

Most frequent questions and answers

The Crystal Mountain Music Festival is located 20 miles East of Darby, MT. Please use the map below for directions. We are located on a one lane dirt road with a maximum speed limit of 20 miles per hour. This means that the drive from the highway to the venue is 1 hour long. Please plan accordingly. Because of this, attendees are expected to stay for the duration of the festival and there will be no re-entry. CARPOOLING IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED

Our nearest airport is Missoula. It is about a 2 hour drive from the airport to the festival. The Bozeman and Spokane airports are a 5 hour drive and Salt Lake is a 7.5 hour drive.

Leave No Trace. CMMF is a leave no trace festival. We expect you to leave with what you came with, including your trash. We also hope that you will keep our festival grounds clean by picking up moop (matter out of place) when you see it. We all need to work together to make sure that we can have festivals here in years to come. 

Prepare for the Elements. Montana in the mountains can be 100 degrees in the day and 30 degrees at night. Be prepared for every sort of weather. Make sure that you have enough food, water and camping gear to last you the entire weekend. Portapotties are available on site and there will be food vendors but we highly recommend coming with your own supply of food and water.

RVs and Trailers. You MUST buy an RV pass to camp in your RV or Trailer. RV passes allow you to park your large vehicle on the festival grounds but do not include hookups. Make sure to bring enough gas for your generator as there is no re-entry.